Saturday, February 11, 2012

My birthday!

I'm 24!

It was my birthday on February 8th, so on the 7th, I went out to dinner (Chinese, mmm!) with my fiancé, which was yummy! The reason we went out before my birthday was because I was spending my actual birthday SHOPPING!

So, I spent all day shopping, and my fiancé had promised to have a gorgeous dinner nearly ready for when I got home. Really handy, as I was bloody starving! When I did get home, the smell of the dinner hit me...pork, mashed potatoes, gravy...yum! I dropped my bags into the living room and my fiancé came in and gave me a kiss. He told me not to look behind me, and to cover my eyes and come into the kitchen. I did, and when he told me to look, there was a gorgeous strawberry and cream sponge cake waiting for me, on my Hello Kitty plate.

It was as yummy as it looks!

I was so happy I squealed a little (I wasn't expecting it at all, as he had given me money to go on a little spree, which I had asked for). I was uploading a picture of the cake to Facebook, from my Blackberry, so I said I'd go into the sitting room to get my proper camera. He said okay, and followed me in...

This is what I found waiting for me! (I put the cake there for the picture!)

I almost cried I was so happy! I threw my arms around him and gave him the biggest kiss imaginable, hahaha! He got me a beautiful bunch of flowers, a very cute card (telling me how much he loves me!), a scratchcard, a Me To You teddy with bath soak and the yummy cake! I won €4 on my scratchcard, heehee. I'm seriously so happy right now, he knows how to make me feel so good about myself! The dinner was amazing too!

How cute is this teddy? He knows I absolutely adore Me To You teddies, I have a little collection!

And how beautiful are these flowers?!

and again...I love the fake little ladybird!

I'm such a lucky girl, and I'm grateful for everything he does for me. 

All in all, I had a wonderful birthday...I think I'll need a Zimmer frame for my next one!

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  1. Those flowers are beautiful! happy birthday for the other day btw xo


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