Sunday, February 19, 2012

Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo review

This caffeine shampoo/hair energiser stimulates hair growth directly at the roots. You leave it on for two minutes, so the caffeine can be absorbed into the scalp to stimulate growth. The bottle also states that the shampoo reduces hair loss.

I bought this on my birthday, for around €7.99 so I had pretty high expectations. I use it as my regular shampoo when I was my hair (every second/third day). The bottle calls it a 'daily shampoo' but I think that's a bit much, so every 2-3 days is fine for me. Obviously, as I only bought it a few weeks ago, I'm not expecting hair growth just yet.

But I have already noticed a reduction in the amount of hair I lose. I have thin fine hair, so when I wash it, I tend to lose quite a bit. The last few times I've washed my hair using this shampoo, I've lost less hair than usual, so that makes me happy. If it does help hair to grow, I will definitely repurchase as I can't wait to have long hair! If I remember, I'll do another review in a few weeks or months with more updates...hopefully it will make my hair grow!

I would recommend it even if just for hair loss reduction!

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