Saturday, February 11, 2012

ELF 6 pc Eyeshadow Set in Smoky - swatches/review

I bought this little palette as part of my ELF haul recently, which set me back a mere £1.75 (during 50% off sale - still going!) So cheap!

I love the packaging, although I find it very Christmassy for this time of year! As usual, though, the packaging of the palette itself is very study and classy, love it! My palette is called 'Smoky'.

These are the colours...

I really love them, mainly the light purple and the sparkly black! I think the pigmentation of all colours to be really good, but this picture doesn't seem top pick it up really well. They're easy to blend and last all day, especially with a good primer.

How pigmented is the black!? I love it!

I think the top left pearl-y colour is perfect to use as a brow bone highlight, as it reflects the light perfectly. I also use it on my inner corners, which really makes my eyes pop.

I would definitely recommend this little palette anybody, it's small enough to pop in your bag and perfect for a dark or light smoky eye!

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