Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Nail Polish Tag

I saw this tag over at Life of a Sweetaholic and just had to do it, I'm obsessed with nail polish/nail art/long nails! I wasn't tagged but I just love it :)

1) How many nail polishes do you have?
I'm slightly ashamed to admit that I have over 100 nail polishes (even over 120, I think!) I know, I can't even believe myself. I know you may be wondering how I'm every going to use that many polishes, but I change my nails so much!

2) What is your favourite brand of nail polish?
My favourite would have to be either Essence or 17. The colours are so vibrant and stay chip-free for days! Cheap too, always a plus :) 

3) Do you like or hate crackle polish?
I'm still unsure about crackle polish, but I do own 5 shades; black, baby pink, white, hot pink and I guess you could say I like it!

4) What was the brand of your very first nail polish?
I think the brand was Gotcha Girls, and it was peelable nail polish. I thought I was the bees knees, hahaha!
5) If you had a nail polish line, what would it be called?
This is a tough question, I'm useless with these things! Maybe Enigma or something like that.

6) What nail polish shades do not look good on you?
I think all shades suit me. I mean, I think a person can make any shade suit them with the right makeup, clothes etc. You may think hair may clash, but it should be fine if you find the right shade.

7) What nail polish shades do look good on you?
As above :] I think pink is the best!

8) Name 2 of your nail art best friends.
Dotting tool, nail art brush!
9) What is the best nail polish gift you have ever received?
I don't get many nail polish gifts for Christmas, as I have loads already! I think the peelable set was my favourite though!

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