Monday, July 31, 2017


How absolutely gorgeous is he? Look at those baby blues... all the heart eyes!!

It's been a long time since I wrote about my son on my blog, but I promise to start writing more - I love parenting blogs & seeing how other people are finding it. Our beautiful Leighton has just turned 10 months, but I swear he's going on 3 years already... he can be sooo stroppy at times (he totally doesn't get that from me... shh)

Leighton is a great sleeper & has been for the most part since he was 4 months old. He goes down to bed between 7.30pm & 8.00pm. He sleeps until around 7am, which I can't complain about! He obviously loves his sleep like his mummy & daddy. Sometimes he'll wake up crying in the middle of the night, but it's usually because he's lost his dummy in his cot & can't find it, or he's had a nightmare & is shaking while crying. Other times could be because he's teething but Calpol helps him with that. Bless him, the poor little sausage. He still has his naps during the day, normally 3. Or 2 if he's really fighting it!

We're full-blown baby led weaning, yay! I'm so glad we're doing it & the stress I felt first time round just melted away when I saw how good an eater he was. He'll try anything & has a wide range of food in his diet. He doesn't really like eggs, but I have yet to try soft boiled with soldiers - I pray he loves it, because I do! He's not a huge fan of raw or boiled carrots - they have to be roasted before he'll entertain them! He LOVES mashed potatoes with gravy. I'm sure he'd live on it if he could! He can be quite messy with food, which is fine as it's always easy to clean up... except tomato/pasta sauce. High chair straps are destroyed! He's still on follow-on milk & also drinks water during the day with his UNLIDDED SIPPY CUP! I am so proud - even though he still makes a mess & likes to help 'clean' his high chair tray by thinking his arms are windscreen wipers. I will do a post soon on his daily diet.

Leighton is in 9-12 months now, & still surprisingly fitting into some of his 6-9 month clothing. I've had to pack away all of his newborn & 0-3 months clothes & I was so emotional as I did it. Just looking at the size of them makes me wonder how he was ever that tiny. I miss my little baby, but I'm so proud of the little boy he's (quickly) becoming. I was sorting out his 'future' clothes the other day & the sleepsuits from 12-18 months are HUGE & I REFUSE TO BELIEVE HE'LL EVER BE THAT TALL. No, I just can't picture it.

He's got 2 teeth that came through last week! They literally came through overnight & they're so cute when he smiles. It's already helped him tremendously with chewing food, & I have to say, the little teeth marks he leaves in food - so cute! I think more little gnashers will be popping up over the coming weeks.

He's on a roll!! He's constantly moving. Backwards, sideways, & pulling forward. I can't leave him on the floor for 2 seconds without him getting something! He's moving seriously fast & it really makes me miss when he'd WANT to cuddle as a baby. Now he's all independent & just wants to be off doing his own thing & moving all the time. He's started walking too with our help - we have to stand behind him & hold his hands & off he goes. He started this on the exact same day his little teeth came through, just before he turned 10 months. There'll be no stopping him soon! Leighton literally hopped out of his Bumbo the other day. He was shocked, we were so shocked, we laughed, he laughed! I was so glad I got it for free because if I'd paid full price for it, for him to do that the second time he used it... well, I'd be selling him!

favourite toys
Leighton loves his Vtech First Steps baby walker! He's not using it to walk just yet, but we try him with it - he's getting better - instead, he sits & plays with the front part of it, or we detach it & he'll play with that in his playpen/travel cot while I'm busy with housework or trying to enjoy a HOT CUP OF COFFEE. Remember those? Yeah, me neither! He likes his Baby Einstein activity jumper too, but is growing bored of it. I can see when he's so over it & it doesn't hold his interest anymore. It's handy to pop him in if I need to get something done, but he gets grizzly so I have to take him out of it. I think we'll pack it away during the week to make more space for his new toys. We've had a lot of use out of it as he's had it since he was nearly 3 months old. He still loves to chew on Sophie the Giraffe when we're in the car. For the most part, Leighton LOVES noisy toys. Our ears do not, but if it makes him happy, that's all we want. Hey, we've heard so much of the toys that we know the tunes to them... lucky us!

* * *

That's all I can think of for this month, but I'm sure we'll have more for next month (when Leighton will probably be going on 5 years old by then!)

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