Thursday, July 20, 2017

Baby Products I Regret Buying

When I was pregnant, I remember thinking about everything we would need to get - changing table, clothes, shoes, baby carrier, Moses baskets, sheets, blankets, travel system, bouncer, cot... all that jazz! At times, it sent me into a panic because I worried that we wouldn't have it all before our bundle of joy made his arrival. I needn't have worried - we were so well prepared ages before he was due!

Ultimately though, I think it's the same for most first-time mamas; you think you need everything. You don't. You really don't. Some things double up for usage, which works out cheaper, & can be a godsend for saving space if it's something you're short of. We received some of these things & bought the rest ourselves. Everything got used, but some of it we could easily have managed without...

Changing table
My god, I had read SO many opinions on this. Did I need it? Could I do without? I had a couple of people tell me not to bother, & some SWORE by them saying it was their best purchase. But as it turned out, I barely bloody used mine! I don't use it for changing (I did once. ONCE.) I used it for storing Leighton's nappies & his bath stuff. I also use the bath from it. I could easily have done without the whole thing & just stored his nappies in a drawer. I could have bathed him in our own bath or the sink. When your baby needs changing, you'll change them wherever.

Baby shoes
Why? They can't walk or use them. Yes, they look adorably cute... but they'll get kicked off. You'll probably end up misplacing one at some stage too. Also, now that I think about it, it surely can't be comfortable for baby? Maybe I'm alone in thinking that. For my next baby, I wouldn't bother.

Moses basket
Ours is beautiful, & was gifted to us. It's just a shame it wasn't used for long at all. Leighton used his on & off for probably a month & sometimes for naps, but for the most part, he slept in his bouncer. He ended up sleeping in the carrycot part of his travel system until he went into his own room (& big boy cot!) at 4 months. For the first month, he could have stayed in the carrycot instead of the Moses basket - he much preferred it. 

Moses basket sheets
A pillow case does the same thing - pop the mattress in & tuck in all the sides. It's only a small expense, but it saves you buying something you don't need.

Chicco Baby Carrier
We decided to get this to 'use instead of the pushchair sometimes'. Psh. I mean we used it a few times for strolls, but I wouldn't say it was an investment at all, & was a pain to put on too. The pushchair comes everywhere with us, so we use that. Plus babies grow so fast, & our little chunk got heavier & heavier, so it put a strain on the back too. I think for next time, to babywear, I would try a baby sling - I'm not sure but it seems like the weight would be more evenly distributed.

Scratch mitts
Don't even bother. They get pulled/chucked off, and baby socks do just the same thing & stay on better.

* * *

There's nothing I wish I HAD bought, as Leighton is almost 10 months old now & has never needed or wanted for anything. However, you can never have too many clothes (neither can your baby, haha). It might surprise you how many clothes your baby gets through. Messy pups for such little things! Don't even get me started on food stains... just stock up on clothes for every age!

If you want to see the things I'm so glad I DID buy, you can read it all here!

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