Sunday, February 23, 2014

eBay Eye Makeup Brushes

As a girl who is slightly obsessed with makeup and beauty, I'm constantly on the lookout for new makeup brushes to add to my collection - a girl can never have too many brushes! Who doesn't want a flawless finish when it comes to makeup? Everybody does, but let's face it... nobody wants to spend a fortune on makeup brushes.

I was browsing eBay recently and came across these beauties, which were being sold by one of my favourite sellers. I ooh'd and aah'd over them for ages before clicking on 'buy it now'. Obviously, I didn't want to buy something crap (am i allowed to say that here?), but I took the chance and bought them. The bristles are synthetic, and the brushes have black wooden handles and silver ferrules (the metal part, don't you know? teehee) and the set cost me a mere €4.50. I was expecting good brushes, but nothing fantastic. What I wasn't expecting, was the AMAZING quality of these brushes. I actually think they're the best brushes out there, but I can't be sure of that as there are loads I haven't tried.

They're eye brushes, but I'm sure you can use them for anything... although saying that, I'm not going to sit there and apply foundation with one of these ;) They are, however, amazing for eyeshadows (obviously) and concealer. I've used them for powder and liquid, and they're brilliant. I've yet to try creams, but I imagine they'll still be amazing. Upon arrival, the brush hair has a kind of 'factory' smell (so hard to describe!). I washed mine with warm water and baby shampoo before the first use and they smell lovely now.

Here are the brushes and how I use them...

 Flat Top Eye Brush

After applying my usual foundation, I love using this brush for stippling my Collection 2000 liquid concealer around my eyes and on any blemishes that the foundation didn't cover. Afterwards, I lightly tap the brush into my powder, and pat it over the liquid concealer to set it. I'm sure you could use it to apply eyeshadow to the lid area too, but I already use my MAC 242 shader brush for that.

 Angled Top Eye Brush

The bristles of this brush are slightly angled, so I like to use it mainly in my crease area to apply and blend out eyeshadow, and to apply a highlight to my browbone. I've also read that some women like to use these angled brushes for contouring the face. I'll give it a go, as I've yet to master the art of contouring!

Round Top Blender Brush

This is a really fluffy brush, so it's perfect for blending. I actually think it's BETTER than my MAC 217 blending brush that I lost. It's so soft!

 Tapered Top Eye Brush

This is another brush I use for applying eyeshadow to the crease area, and also dabbing my highlight to the inner corner of my eye. I also use it to lightly smudge out shadows on the upper and lower lashline.

I'm in love with these brushes! So far, none of them have shed, and I've just washed them for a second time. I'm definitely going to buy another set, because as I said, a girl can never have too many makeup brushes! I would highly recommend them; they're without a doubt the best brushes I've ever tried! You can buy the set here. Is the voice on your shoulder telling you to buy them? Listen to her, she's speaking sense!

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