Saturday, February 15, 2014

Birthday Gifts & Haul

I love these kinds of posts; seeing what people got for their birthdays and what they bought. I guess you could call me nosy? Haha. I was spoiled on my birthday, and was so thrilled to spend it with my family. I was away from my fiancé, but I still had a great time. Plus, he spoiled me before I went and when I got back.

This is what I got for my birthday... I'm so happy with everything. It was stuff I asked for, and really wanted.

I got this beautiful perpetual calendar from my sister-in-law. It's the perfect size and fits in perfectly with my shabby chic living room decor (another update coming soon... I know.) This calendar is from Littlewoods.
This gorgeous white lantern is from my fiancé. The doors are of course glass, and I love the design. The lantern is so girly and delicate, and adds a beautiful touch to our fireplace. It is actually quite big, which I love. The candle inside is from my mother in law (as well as some really cute cat pyjamas... purrfect!) The lantern and candle came in so handy when our electricity was out for 30 hours with the storms. It was so nice snuggling up and playing games with my fiancé by candlelight!
The best birthday present... Samsung Galaxy 3 8.0 tab! Long story short, my fiancé was going to get me this, then my oldest brother started dropping little hints that he himself had got it for me. I told my fiancé not to get it for me in casse my brother did... turns out my brother did get it for me! I have to admit, I screamed a little when I tore back the wrapping paper and saw 'Samsung' in the corner. I may have shed a little tear when I hugged my brother... I'm so lucky to have such an amazing family. I've been glued to this since I got it, it's seriously the best thing ever. And how cute is the case from eBay? It's pink with white polka dots on the outside, and comes with a stylus, screen protector and screen wiper.
The huge LOVE photo frame and necklace hanger are from one of my younger brothers. I stayed with him for a night before we both travelled to stay with our family. I fell in love with the shop (Present Time) and chose these two things to buy. I couldn't get over the fact that it was so cheap. The LOVE frame is cream in colour, and quite big. Again, fitting in perfectly with my shabby chic decor. It was reduced from €10, to €5. €5!!! Bargain! I'd have happily paid €10 for it. The necklace hanger was only €3, I literally still can't believe it. Present Time is officially my new favourite shop. My brother told me he would buy me something, but I couldn't decide what I wanted (I travelled with a bag, so carrying stuff home would have been risky, and there wasn't much free space in my bag!). Instead of me buying the frame and necklace hanger, he paid for them. Sweetheart!
I got all of these gorgeous bits from my mum, along with some money in a card. I'm thinking of putting the hanging set of frames in my bathroom, as I feel it looks very nautical with the 'rope'. However, it's currently hanging in the hallway and I love how it looks. Now I just need to find some pictures to put into it! I LOVE the Home Sweet Home mug, it's so pretty and quite big... perfect for the morning cup of tea! The huge Hello Kitty mug is adorable, but I find it's shaped a bit oddly. I don't think I can drink out of it, so I'll most likely use it for makeup brushes, or little flowers. I'm a huge incense lover, and these Guardian Angel incense sticks smell beautiful. The Hello Kitty salt and pepper pots are too frickin cute, but the salt one broke before I even left to come back home. We've taped it together, and are not using it for salt. It will be cute standing on a little shelf, but we'll definitely be using the pepper one.
I got this beautiful bracelet and 3 gorgeous pairs of earrings from my dad. I'm not a huge fan of gold. In fact, the only jewellery I own and wear is one gold ring my parents got me a few years ago. However, I do love how all of these look on me, and the silver pair.
The teacup candle (and plate), Nordic tealight/votive holder and mirror tray are from a local shop in the town I grew up in. The tealight holder and tray had 20% off as they were Christmas stock. The teacup candle cost €4.99, the tealight holder cost €2.40, and the tray cost €4. The rim of the tray is metal, so very sturdy. Total bargains! I currently have a Yankee Candle votive burning in the tealight holder... a Christmas votive candle. Man, I need to move on, it's February ;)
I got this gorgeous raised-heart jar from TkMaxx after seeing it in Zoella's haul video. I fell in love with it! This cost €6.99, and I'm currently using it for cotton pads in my bathroom, as it's pretty big! I'll probably change up the uses for it as time goes on. My fiancé thinks it would be cute with a tealight in it. Can you tell we love candles? We do.
I got this in a charity shop for 50cent, and it's currently holding a glass which holds our toothbrushes. It could be cute for a bar of soap, but we don't use bars of soap.
This isn't a 'haul' item, as my mum gave it to me, but how cute?! Apparently, it came with a nail set to soak off acrylics or something like that. She never used it for that (she doesn't wear acrylics, or fake nails for that matter, haha). It was just used for nibbles, and has a couple of chips as you can see in the picture. Still, I love it *grabby hands*. 
 My mum picked me up this cute little photo frame, how adorable?! This will go on my kitchen window sill! :)

Hope you enjoyed my birthday gift and haul post!
I might have a birthday post coming soon with pictures...

Also, I want to say a happy birthday to one of the best little brothers a girl could ask for. Jody, I love you more than life itself! xoxo

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