Tuesday, April 30, 2013

'Shabby Chic' Primark Buys

I was visiting my fiancĂ© in hospital yesterday. Whilst he was having his dinner, I popped over to Tesco to pick up some hair dye. Obviously, being a typical girl, I couldn't resist the urge to have a quick look in Penneys (that's Primark to you British followers - high five!) and boy am I glad I did! I'm constantly on the lookout for   items that will fit into the 'shabby chic/vintage' set up I want for my house. I picked up a few pieces, and there are lots more that I want...someone take me to a Cath Kidston store puh-lease! I used to live 10 minutes from Primark, but since we moved, I'm now around 90 minutes away. It's good in a way because I would seriously be in so much debt, haha!

Here's what I picked up ...

'Relax' wooden stand - €1.50

They had a few different stands - relax, bathe and soak. I think there may have been another one, I can't remember. Seriously, how cute is it? It's a good little reminder to have sitting on the side of bath. Cannot wait until the bathroom is set up how I want it, eek!

Four plastic blue and white polka dot bowls - €2.50

I'm absolutely in love with these! i'm sure they were in a section that had picnic stuff in, but I'll definitely find a use for them in my house (and I'll try to keep you updated with my 'decorating')

Wicker heart with ribbon - €2

I picked up two wicker hearts...at that price, how could I not?! I have one hanging in my bedroom right now, and I absolutely love it! I'll definitely be picking up more of these...maybe one for each room in the house :) this is the heart in comparison to my hand. It's quite big, and well worth the price!

Do you like my little purchases? Have you picked up anything cute as of late? I want to see!

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