Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Rainbow Bright Neon Nails

From left to right:
H&M 'Nail Him'  Models Own 'Orange Sorbet'  Rimmel 'Sunshine'  Models Own 'Bubbblegum  Rimmel 'Green Grass'

I was feeling very down the other night, as my Grandad had passed away. I needed something to cheer me up, and bright colours always cheer me up. I picked my 5 brightest, most neon nail polish shades and painted my nails one of each colour. It instantly cheered me up a little! It reminds me of Skittles...and we all know I love Skittles! I've got many compliments on my nails since I did them. Even my First Aid tutor in college loved them, and she must be in her early 70s! They're so vibrant! I'm a total sucker for in-your-face bright colours! I'll use it during winter to brighten up dull days.

Taste the

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