Sunday, October 07, 2012

Recent Purchases & my first Boohoo order!

You will know by now that I'm a total sucker for charity shops! Most of the other shops where I live have 'old lady' clothes, or they're WAAAAAY overpriced, it's ridiculous. I'm going to save to go to the city for a day of shopping, and maybe get some new things for winter. I really need to stock up on tights! I love them!

These are things I've bought recently. Most of the pictures were taken at night, so they look crap...especially the shoes!!

From a home interior/shabby chic shop...


 Pegs..will use them on the fridge to hold photos! :)

From charity shops:
Christmas decorations

Hot pink & white vest with sequins!  

  Black sequin vest/dress

  Black top with lace

 Black ankle boots (awful night-time picture!)

 Dark brown boots (awful night-time picture, again!)

 Book! :)

PURPLE top (not sure why it looks blue) 

 Black/white stripe top with roses

 Salmon polka dot top with ruched sleeves

Blue/white stripe bag from eBay!

 Hair dye...i'm going brown soon!

 Pink floral scarf (from a shabby chic store!)

My first Boohoo order:
 Fitted blazer...beautiful!

False lash applicator..cant wait to try it! 

Tan boots

I also bought this, but it was a strange fit on my boobs so I had to send it back, even though it's so beautiful! Maybe I'll order the next size up, it's so gorgeous!

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