Thursday, October 25, 2012

Halloween | 'Unzipped Face'

I've been such a slack blogger lately...writer's block, I guess..ha ha. Fear not though, I'm back with a Halloween look I've created. I've seen lots of pictures of this online, and I decided to recreate it took around an hour to do, sticking the paper on is so time-consuming. Loads have people have said they love it! It looks so much better in gory!

This is what I came up with

This is what I used:
A zipper (nude/white would have been better!)
Spirit Gum
Tissue paper (NOT toilet roll)
Red eyeshadow 
Red lipgloss (or fake blood)
Black eyeshadow
Purple eyeshadow
Old blending brushes
Tweezers (to make holes)


I got fake blood to use instead of lipgloss, but i tested it on my hand for literally a second...and it stained for a few days, no matter how many times I washed my hands! The label says to wash off immediately after use, which doesn't make sense because it's made to use on your skin for way am I putting that on my face! So I had to use lip gloss instead. Obviously fake blood would be better because it's more runny. I tried to find some blood paste, but I had no!

I was going to wear this on Halloween night to answer the door to trick-or-treaters, but I don't think young children would appreciate it, so I think I'll dress up as a cat instead. Cute and easy! If I change my mind and decide to wear this, I think I'd just wear it with normal clothes, or something dark. 

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