Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My hair story

I've had more hair colours than you've had hot dinners ;) Not really, but I've had a good few. I'm going to take you through my "hair story" and I've included some pics of my hair in different colours. Enjoy :)

This is my natural hair colour (the lighting makes it look blonde, but it's actually mousey brown!) This picture was taken when I was in secondary school, I was never brave enough to do funky colours (probably as we weren't allowed to in school, as it was a "distraction"... Pfttt!)

When I left school, I decided to dye my hair black... I loved it, so shiny and healthy, and although it made me look even more pale (shh, I'm Irish!), I think it really suited me. I kept it black for ages, then I got bored and the rebel inside me decided to show it's face. BIG MISTAKE!! 
When I bleached my hair, I put more on the ends as I thought I'd have a lot of colour build up on the ends... Arghhh, I washed it off after the recommended time. My roots were gorgeous blonde, but the rest of my hair was stringy and snapped off in chunks as I washed it. I knew what was happening but I didn't want to think about it. Naturally, I cried as I knew my hair was snapping off and it was going to be soo short. After a teary trip to hairdressers, I returned with blonde roots and the rest of my (SHORT!!) hair brassy. Yuk. I put a normal blonde dye over it, and it was fine. I kept this up until it grew  a bit, then I added my extensions and it was a perfect match!

Again, my little rebel streak came out when a friend came to visit. She had blue hair and I loved it, so we dyed mine blue :) I loved it and surprisingly, it lasted for ages and faded to a nice light blue. (excuse the silly pose, I don't even know, hahaha!)

After the blue was annoying, I put a blonde dye over it and it covered the blue straight away, as it was only semi-permanent. I put a hot pink in and the result was amazing; I got so many compliments and it suited me a lot, even though I have the palest skin ever! It lasted forever, and faded to a nice baby pink, but by that time, I was already planning my next colour... Which, for me, was a bit of a shock.......

Yup, chestnut BROWN! It was gorgeous and everyone said it really complemented my skin tone and green eyes. I loved it and it was beautiful with a tan and a nice baby pink lipstick.

BACK TO BLACK! I know, naughty naughty, I lost all (well, most!) my hair to get rid of black, then I went back to it. But I loved it and it was the best colour to have that made my hair look so healthy and shiny. I dyed my extensions black and curled them a lot, so I got loads of compliments on my look, which is always a good thing. It wasn't long before I was craving yet another change...

I was feeling pretty adventurous one day, so I decided to take a chance and bleach a small section of my hair. I did so, and it turned out fantastic (it felt so healthy too, which was odd!). I added a gorgeous turquoise colour and it really made my hair "pop". I loved it and it was cute as it faded to a light teal-ish colour, which I loved!

As my hair grew, so did my desire for... PURPLE HAIR!! I used a blonde dye on the same section of hair and put a semi-permanent purple on. It was gorgeous and again, I got loads of compliments (I must sound so conceited right now! hahaha!) It was a change, which I needed and loved.

Weeks and weeks later, I bleached the rest of my hair and went a darkish red for a short amount of time. It faded fast so I put a semi-permanent purple over the top, and I was surprised that it actually took to my hair! I loved it <3

My favourite hair colour of mine so far.. BLOOD RED! It attracted a lot of attention wherever I went and people were constantly asking what products I used etc. I bleached and dyed my extensions to match too, and it was perfect! This hair colour has gotten me more compliments than all the rest put together. I had it for ages but I didn't like how it faded to a kind of orange colour. To refresh it, I just put red over and it was vibrant as hell! Loves it.

At the moment, my hair is pink (I miss my red!!!) I'm gonna see how I get on with pink but I'm loving it so far. I'll have a picture up very soon, my camera is acting up!

Loves it! If there's anything you want to know, ask and I'll answer as best I can! <3

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  1. WOW!!
    You know how much I have loved your hair over the years, you are super HOT RED!! xxxx


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