Wednesday, June 13, 2012

(fake) MAC False Lash Effect mascara

This mascara promises to give full lashes with a natural look. It was recommended to me by a friend, so I bought it on eBay. I didn't know it was even branded MAC, the advert didn't say so, and the pictures didn't show it. I will admit, when I realised that it was branded MAC, I rolled my eyes...there are so many fake MAC products out there.

However, I'll still review it in case some of you were thinking of trying it.

This is what the box looks like...

And the packaging...just like any mascara!

Thick brush...

I paid €1.24/£0.99 for this (free shipping!) on eBay, and the details are as follows...

  • Exquisite high elastic gum brush head Zero Smudge
  • Unique plastic brush: lightweight and comfortable, used to brush the eyelashes and shaping
  • The makeup effect lasting no smudge, warm water cleansing
  • Refined plastic brush head design, lightweight and comfortable
  • Beautiful and lovely design
  • It is easy to carry out
  • Great for daily use, clubbing or party
  • Perfect for both professional use or personal use


Basically, the point of the mascara is to adhere to each lash, and to extend your lashes to fabulous length.

This is one of my eyes without the mascara...

And this is my other eye with one coat of the mascara on...


I really like this mascara! As you can see, the length given with just one coat is lasted all day on my lashes and didn't 'flake' or clump. It's buildable and such a dark black. I love the dramatic look!It's wearable on it's own, but I usually use one coat of this, then build up using my  usual mascara. However, the picture above is just using one coat of this mascara on curled lashes, nothing else. I've been using it for over a  week now, and I'm in love with it! If I'm honest, I'd say a lot of cheaper brands, are better than higher end brands...

I highly recommend it...and at that price, you're grabbing a brilliant bargain.

You can buy it here (IRELAND)
You can buy it here (UK)

It's AMAZING, I really can't fault it!

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