Friday, June 22, 2012

120 Palette

120 colours of pure gorgeousness! 

I've posted about this before...but this is kind of an 'updated' post, I guess!
I'm still using my 120 palette, & I still love it as much as ever. I use it loads & it's STILL going strong. I love the blues, browns, pinks...all of it!

The colours are so pigmented & last all day without creasing, with a base. You can see some of the swatches & how pigmented they are...that's without a base! They're a mix of shimmer & matte, & even some marble colours, which look amazing when applied wet or dry. The colours in this palette are silky smooth, which is pretty amazing for the price!

I highly recommend it, it's beautiful. I think I bought mine for around €7 with free P&P, but it became so popular, I think the price went up a little. It's still worth it though! You just need to type '120 palette' into eBay, & loads will pop up!

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