Wednesday, April 18, 2018


Our gorgeous Leighton is nearly 19 months now, so I thought another update was due as he's growing so quick. When you're pregnant, people will always tell you to enjoy each moment because, before you know it, they'll be 2. You might brush it off because time doesn't 'speed up'... but believe me, it goes so so fast. We will be planning his second birthday soon, with a newborn in tow too.

Sleep is even better now that he's in his OWN TODDLER BED (where's my baby?!) with his toddler pillow, duvet and brand new mattress. He still goes down to bed between 7.30pm and 8pm, sometimes earlier, rarely later. He might be asleep when I put him up to bed, but more often than not, he's awake. He's getting so much better at putting himself to sleep. He'll play with teddies in his bed, sing/chatter to himself, then usually drop off to sleep. He's sleeping for longer so I assume he must be more comfortable. Sometimes he'll wake up in the night, but usually settles himself within 30 seconds. In the morning, he'll wake around 6.15am, which I find quite early, especially with being pregnant and needing all the sleep I can get. When he wakes around that time, I'll change his nappy, give him a small bottle of milk and pop a cartoon on in his room (while I go back to bed obviously!) When he's finished his bottle, he'll get out of bed and play with the toys in his room. I know it's time to get up when he comes to his babygate and calls for me.

Leighton still eats EVERYTHING. He still eats bananas, but far less than he used to. I made banana bread the other day and he devoured not one, but TWO slices, so obviously he still loves them. His favourite food now is blueberries, he literally cannot get enough of them. When he's finished eating, he starts dropping his food off of the highchair tray *facepalm*

We've stocked up on some 18-24 month clothes, but for the most part, he's still in 12-18 months. I sorted out his clothes a few weeks ago and put by some that 'might still fit' because they looked big. They didn't go near him! He is growing up so so quickly. He's got proper big boy shoes now too, so he has them on everytime we're out.

Not so long ago, he had 7 teeth. And he'd had 7 for so long. Then after a rough night a few weeks ago, he woke up with TWO more... two little molars. He's still drooling a little bit, so he should have more soon enough.

He's climbing on the sofa, up the stairs, gets himself in and out of his bed, in and out of his pram... you name it, he'll try it. He's running around like a mad thing, helping me with laundry, the dishwasher, hoovering. We've had to get him reins too so we can take him for a walk without him trying to escape because he's so independent and always on the move.

favourite toys
He has a big toy kitchen that he got from Santa, which he likes. It took up so much room in our kitchen so we've put it in his giant bedroom. He also loves his Henry hoover, ride-on car, Little Tykes car, shape sorting bus and his doll and pram. I was putting away his Vtech walker the other day thinking he was too grown up for it, so obviously he has decided he loves it again. His favourite thing to do is run to his daddy doing his 'tickle hands', asking to be chased around the room and tickled. It's so lovely to watch them together, and their bond is unbreakable.

* * *

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