Monday, February 09, 2015

Review | Garnier 'Micellar Water'

I've been a loyal Simple user for ages now, as I find it the best skincare range for my dry skin. I've tried other brands of makeup removers, but always end up going back to Simple. I had heard of cleansing waters before, but I never got the urge to try one, as I was happy with my usual products. Honestly, it was the packaging of this Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water that caught my eye in the chemist...
I immediately wanted to try it (and I swear, I didn't definitely pick it up because it was on offer for €4.99. Definitely not, no way.) Payday came around the next day so I picked it up on my lunch break. Obviously, I used it that same night. It's been well over a week now, and I haven't looked back. My Simple products haven't had a look in since I've started using this (oops!). This stuff is AMAZING.
It can used on the eyes, lips and face for perfectly cleansed skin. This micellar water is fantastic for removing everything from the face and eyes, EXCEPT waterproof mascara and waterproof eyeliner. Luckily, I don't use waterproof makeup, so this really isn't a problem for me. Obviously, oil-based eye makeup removers are better for removing waterpoof mascara and liner, so I would suggest using one if you wear waterpoof eye makeup.

This water doesn't sting my eyes, so it definitely gets bonus points from me for that reason. I've tried quite a few eye makeup removers that have given my eyes quite the battering. I wear daily disposable contact lenses and after removing makeup, some removers make my eyes feel dry and/or itchy. This micellar water doesn't dry out my eyes at all, so thumbs up!

It's such a time saver, and I can take all of my makeup off and have my skin feeling very refreshed cleansed in less than two minutes. I don't need to 'scrub' my face to remove everything, which is always a plus! It's so gentle on the eyes and face, and is suitable for even sensitive skin. It hasn't broken me out or made my skin dry or itchy at all. If anything, it has IMPROVED my skin. I suffer from dry skin (and psoriasis), and this definitely hydrates my skin when I use it. Normally, with my Simple products, I moisturise after. However, I don't even NEED to moisturise after using this, as my skin already feels hydrated when I use it. If I feel like my skin needs that extra bit of moisture, I will chuck on a little bit of moisturiser. The bottle is 400ml, which is good for 'up to 200 uses'...only if you use 2ml per cotton pad! I use more than 2ml so I'm unlikely to get 200 uses from it.

These are my cotton pads after using the water to remove my makeup...beautiful!
Overall, I would highly recommend this product. You can get it from Boots, currently on offer for €4.19 (usual RRP is €6.29) and most pharmacies/chemists. It's a great sized bottle, considering I would spend that on one or two of my usual Simple products, but this does everything in one go. I would happily pay the full price for this, but may just stock up if it's still on offer when payday rolls around again - definitely a huge thumbs up from me! Sorry Simple, I'm seeing someone else...

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