Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Leo Claims*

Picture this... you're on your lunch break from work and you have arranged to meet your friend to go window shopping. Being women, you both like to torture yourselves and look at all the lovely clothes, furniture and makeup that none of you can afford to buy until a money tree starts magically growing in your garden. You both gaze admiringly in the windows, sighing, and promise to buy each other everything they want WHEN you win the lottery. Admit it, you have totally done this. As you stop outside one shop in particular, you both stand back and stare lovingly at the same beautiful dress that is displayed in the shop window. You both giggle, and being females, you naturally decide to go into the shop to have a closer look at said dress. And to browse every other rail in the shop, obviously (you totally do this too). As you step inside the door, the first thing you say is 'oh my god, look at this. and this. and oh my god, THIS' (this is me with most shops I go into. Don't judge)

As you and your friend walk over to the rail where the beautiful dress is hanging, along with lots of other beautiful dresses, you suddenly slip in a puddle on the floor near the back of the shop. You fall hard onto your back, twisting your ankle in the process and yelping as you fall. You try to laugh it off to make yourself feel better, but it doesn't help. Your friend helps you up, and asks if you're okay. A staff member notices the commotion and comes over to you. You tell her you're not okay, and she asks what caused it. You point out the puddle on the floor, to bring it to her attention. She goes out to call her manager while your friend is sitting with you, holding your hand. The pain in your ankle is getting worse by the second, and you are on the brink of tears. Suddenly, your friend feels a drop on her head, and looks up to notice the roof is leaking. Just as you look up to see it, the manager walks in. By now, you are crying and the manager is trying to apologise and reassure you that you'll be okay. He tells you that you'll be fine in a few days. Your friend calls an ambulance as your pain worsens, and while waiting for it to arrive, she takes pictures on her phone, of the puddle, the leaking roof and your very swollen ankle. The manager obviously didn't know about the puddle/leak, but tries to brush it off and wishes you well.

At the hospital, you learn that you BROKE your ankle during the fall, which is why you were in so much pain. You will be out of work for at least 8 weeks, doctor's orders. What do you do? Let it go, or claim compensation for something that wasn't your fault? Obviously the latter.

This is where Leo Claims comes in. With over 40 years experience in dealing with personal injury and accident claims, Leo Claims have expert solicitors who will fight your corner and help you to get the compensation you deserve. They offer a no win no fee basis on a lot of cases, including personal injury claims -- this means that if your claim is unsuccessful, you don't pay Leo Claims a single penny for their services. They work hard to get you compensation, which in turn pays for the medical bills, or the money you lose through being unable to work.

If you've had an accident that wasn't your fault, I would suggest you get in touch with Leo Claims, who will do all they can to get you what you deserve and hopefully have you back to your usual self in no time...

Claim form: http://www.leoclaims.com/making-a-claim/online-claim-form

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