Saturday, February 14, 2015

Kodaline = Mine.

I'm sorry, what's that?
No, I think you're mistaken.
Steve Garrigan is mine.

Let's just take a minute to appreciate that amazing jawline...

He's my latest man crush (it honestly changes every other week, I swear). This one will stay for a long time though, especially because I'm going to see Kodaline in June! The excitement is out of this world! When I first heard them, I liked them. But, admittedly, when the songs were repeated on the radio every hour, I would think 'oh my god, not this again!' (this makes no sense to me, as I tend to play a song I love 78652 times). Yet, I fell in love with this bunch of guys. It helps that they're Irish and that makes me proud to be Irish ;)

I can't pick my favourite song; there are too many to choose from, but 'Honest' is high up on the list!

Happy Valentine's Day 

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