Saturday, March 02, 2013


I'm pretty new to the Android world, and ever since I got my Samsung Galaxy Ace, I've been obsessed with Instagram. I used to be jealous of everyone that had it, and wanted it. It's not available for Blackberry though, so I had no luck until I got my new phone, and realised that I could get it. Excited wasn't the word to describe me, haha!

I've seen lots of 'Instagram Diary' posts, so I'm giving it a go as I'm new to it. These are some of my pictures (there's a lot)... You can follow me here!

Deciding on a phone case...♥ birthday chocolates ♥ playing around with effects ♥ buying sushi for my Pou!

My two babies, Prince (brown, white, black) and Jess (black, white) 

Posing ♥ out for dinner...obviously I got two glasses of wine! ♥ dessert..yum! ♥ my Instagram

Outside my window ♥ healthy dinner - couscous, chicken, leeks and onion..mmm leftover wrapping paper on my fridge door, cute! ♥ being 'artistic' ;)

Out with my man ♥ healthy lunch! ♥ pitta bread fail ♥ bugging my friend...before the diet, boo!

Making a dinner that reminds me of home! ♥ new top! ♥ knee high cat socks ♥ banana bread...yummy!

That's my first little (big) Instagram Diary, and I may do more in the future. You can follow me here if you warned though - I post a lot (especially pictures of my cats), haha! It's addictive.


  1. I love the photos of your cat's, cats are by far the best!! and so photogenic ;) xxx


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