Friday, February 15, 2013

The '4 Week No Heat' Challenge - THE RESULTS!

I kept it up, yay!

I'm so proud of myself, haha. I was 99% sure I could stick to the challenge, and i guess i just wanted to prove it to myself. And I have to say...i'm so glad I stuck with it! My hair has actually grown around two centimetres...that's almost an inch! I'm super happy about it, as I want long hair! Four weeks without heat has made my hair softer, shinier and more manageable! The amount of fallout I get has been reduced. I'm still stressed with college, so that's probably why I'm still losing hair. 

I took a picture of my hair a few minutes ago. To see that it's grown, I'm going by my roots, and the lower freckle on my chest, haha.

Before and after...

Eek, i'm so happy with how much it's grown!

Over the past four weeks, I really missed using my beloved hair-dryer and GHDs, but it's been so good for my hair! I will definitely take more time away from the hot tools, although there will be days when I want to curl or straighten my hair, and days when I want to blow-dry it, so I will. At least I know that, when my hair needs a break, I'll be able to go for weeks without using heat to let it breathe. I love how my hair looked (most of the time...) over the past four weeks, because when i washed it, i put it into a loose messy bun. The next morning, I had curls! I had to pin my side fringe/bangs back so they would do the 'swoop' that i like. It was pretty easy to get the hang of it though :) Some days, I just left it to dry sraight, and it stayed pretty straight at first, then fell into pretty little waves, which i like.

I think everyone should try this challenge, especially if your hair is in need of a break. Of course, you'll miss your hot tools, but you get used to not using them, and it saves so much time with blow-drying and styling.So glad i did it :)


  1. my hair could really do with this as well, but I think i'll have to wait for the summer as it takes about 4 hours to dry naturally..! yours grew loads, I hope mine does too :)
    Poppy | far away

  2. Try blow drying your hair on a cool setting

  3. I have not used heat on my hair for over 4 weeks now. And I plan to go for a full year with no heat. If I am rushing to dry my hair I blow dry with cold air then I sleep with a protective style to create waves. My hair looks and feels so much more healthier and shinier. I want to grow my hair out. Which is impossible to do if you use heat tools often because it brakes and splits your ends.


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