Saturday, February 02, 2013

10 things...I Hate [late!!]

Sorry this is so late, I forgot to do it and I have lots going on with work experience and college. BUTTT fear not, it's here now ;)

10 things...I hate
  • cheats
  • crap movies
  • being broke
  • liars
  • bad hair days
  • having no milk for tea...ugh!
  • getting to the end of a book and the ending is like..what the heck?!
  • earphones that only work in one ear -_- annoying
  • the smell of cigarettes
  • when your mascara smudges everywhere!

What do you hate?!


  1. I ditto to all of your 10 hates, but I would add fellow commuters, smudged nails, having no time and not getting enough sleep :p oh and people that stop at the bottom of an escalator, HELLO, I NEED SOMEWHERE TO GET OFF! *body bundle* xxx

    1. Omg yes! I should have made it a '20 things' list, hahaha! Smudged nails is THE worst! xxx


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