Sunday, June 24, 2018


With my gorgeous little man being close to 21 months, I figured I would update again. I like doing these posts; I find getting it all written down amazes me as to just how much he has grown, and is growing up. With just 8 weeks or so until his little sister makes her arrival, I'm cherishing every tiny little milestone... maybe not the tantrums though.

Sleep for the past week or two has been amazing! We dropped his bedtime bottle a while ago, and last week, we took his dummy away. He hasn't once looked for it, which has been brilliant. We took the dummy away before, and lasted 3 days until he started teething. It was the only thing that comforted him so we gave in, and he had it back. Since we dropped it last week for good, sleep has been so much better and he's properly sleeping through again. He hasn't woken at all looking for it, whereas he woke before sometimes for it. He'll go to bed anytime between 6.30pm and 8.30pm. The light summer evenings mean he's usually awake that little bit longer. If he goes down early, it's usually because his nap was too short or he has just really tired himself out. He'll wake around 7, sometimes earlier. The other day, he slept from 8 to 8... typically, those are the nights I am tossing and turning all night, or go to sleep far too late.

We have transitioned from highchair to a booster seat at the kitchen table. It's made such a difference! I mean, food sometimes still gets dropped on the floor (purposely), but overall, eating is a much better experience. I think he prefers eating with the adults! Food-wise, he still eats pretty much everything... but I think he's gone off bananas completely. He loves sausages. He also loves dipping his food into his drink. Whatever he's eating and drinking. He will dip a crisp into his milk and eat it. Who even does that?! The same child who was dipping a digestive biscuit into ketchup yesterday, that's who. I am now questioning if he's really mine. Oh, and he likes spicy food! Definitely my child!

Still in 12-18 months for some things, but mainly 18-24 months! So many of Leighton's neutral baby clothes are ready for his little sister.

When I last updated 2 months ago, Leighton had 9 teeth. Now he has 12! They're coming through so so fast, and the 12th one poked out the other night and he didn't even look for his dummy for it. Calpol sorts him out and he loves it now!

He is SUCH a boy's boy. Into everything and onto everything. He's so quick too. He loves being outdoors and will often bring his reins over to us (or his 'walk' as he calls them) when he wants to go for a walk. He is still playing with his first ride-on car and zooms around the house on it.

favourite toys
He still loves Henry the hoover, and has taken control of my birthing ball as his ball. He loves blocks, cars, ANYTHING that makes noise (the noisier the better) and has gotten more into books lately, which means his words are coming on so well. I compiled a list of words he says and counted up a total of 138 words. To say we are proud of our little man is an understatement. He truly is an amazing little human being, and he's ours. Proudest mummy and daddy ever.

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