Sunday, June 11, 2017

Hair | Long to Short

I've been growing my hair out for probably around 6 years now. In that time, I had it trimmed twice. The first time, the hairdresser took off WAY more than I asked for, so it took me a long time to have the confidence to go get it trimmed again. I finally decided to get it trimmed again when I was pregnant (at a different hairdressers! And how many more times can I say 'trimmed'?). Of course, they did the same thing. My hair turned out nice, but again, was shorter than I had anticipated. It really put me off.

My hair grew (obviously). And grew. In no time at all, it was down to my butt! It got caught under my arms, the ends were like rats tails, Leighton pulled it constantly and it was just a general annoyance (especially in the heat). I didn't really 'style' it, as it took too much effort with it being as long as it was. Enough was enough. I moaned about it being a pain and my boyfriend suggested I get it cut. I expressed my fears as I was used to long hair. I felt like I would regret it. I bit the bullet and decided on a shoulder-length cut, taking inspiration from Google images. I found a beautiful cut and my mind was made up. I booked my appointment before I could change my mind.

This was my hair before...
Excuse the dirty mirror and quality, these pictures were taken on my iPhone 6 because lazy.

Yesterday was the day. I was super nervous, but figured, hey it's only hair - it will grow back (eventually, sob sob). Long hair story short, I had a blunt shoulder length cut with a sweeping side fringe and the hairdresser styled it with some GHD curls and teased it a little. We had a good bitch about how we both have stupid fine hair. It felt so different. Good different, but weird too. Light. I'm used to long hair and this is the biggest change I could have gone for. I style it with my own GHD curls now (note to self; get some proper hairspray and texture spray)

This is my hair now...

I can't get over how short it is now. I like it, I don't love it. Time will tell if that 'did I do the right thing' feeling will ease as it grows. I mean, it doesn't get in the way now, and will take less time to wash and style, and I'm hopeful sure I'll grow to love it. Maybe. I don't regret cutting it, but if I could make the choice again, I would keep it a little bit longer and probably go for some balayage. I don't feel like this cut suits me, but I think this will change as I perfect my GHD curls. Failing that, it's only hair and it will grow (I hope)

So long (unlike my hair), and I promise I won't leave it 2 months before I post again!

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