Friday, April 07, 2017

Baby | Six Month Update

So I can't quite believe that my little boy has passed the six month mark - nine days ago, to be exact. The time has really flown in, & it feels like just yesterday I held him in my arms after a 72-hour labour. He's turning from a beautiful itsy bitsy baby (well, if you can call 8lbs 3oz 'itsy bitsy'...) into a gorgeous little boy. We hit the jackpot with our perfect little Leighton.

Leighton is currently being weaned - of course he's having his normal formula, but he's having both purees & solids too. I'm kind of trying baby led weaning (BLW), but at the same time I'm absolutely terrified he'll choke on something. I'm still researching foods to give him (as well as telling myself it'll be fine!), but so far, he likes parsnip sticks, toast & cucumber. He hates raw carrots & scrambled eggs, although I will try both again. He didn't like banana too much either. He loves yogurt and his Heinz Mum's Own jars of food (can't blame him, I love them too!) I make him my own purees too - he loves parsnip puree, apple puree, carrot & parsnip. He LOVED the chicken & potato puree I made the other day. I think the apple was his favourite. In a day, he'll have anywhere between 28oz-34oz of milk, as well as some purees & snacks. It totally depends on the day & how he's feeling, but if he's hungry, I'll feed him. The formula he's on is SMA Follow-On Milk. 

We're lucky that Leighton just loves sleeping! As far as naps go, he has 3-4 a day, again depending on how he's feeling. They're pretty predictable, being at around 10am, 1pm, 4pm & 6.30pm. The naps can last anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour. Though my god, I do miss the 2 hour naps he had as a newborn! If he misses a nap, he gets cranky AF & sometimes, if you look close enough, you can see him turn into a little demon ;) For night-time sleeping, he started in his own room at 4 months old & we haven't looked back. The first night he was in his own room, he slept for ten hours. TEN. HOURS. I felt like a new woman the next day! I'm glad we didn't have to do the cry-it-out method or anything; I hate seeing him cry. I get that it works for some people, but personally I'm glad it didn't get to that stage for us. Leighton doesn't wake for feeds, but will stir when he drops his dummy. God knows what we'll do when it's time to wean him off that - it's a total lifesaver. He sleeps on his back in his Grobag. He sleeps on a wedge pillow, which stops him from getting all stuffed up (this was a major problem when he was a newborn). He goes down to bed anywhere between 7.30pm & 8.30pm. He will sleep until around 7am. We didn't do any sleep training or anything, we're just lucky it worked out as it did. We've been blessed!

For the most part, Leighton's in 6-9 months, although a few of his 3-6 month clothes still fit... which is a bit of a relief really, he has so many clothes that have only been worn once or twice. I want him to get some wear out of everything. He has five short-sleeved short-leg rompers in NEWBORN, which still fit him. Probably for another few weeks too. He's growing super fast, so I think he'll be in 9-12 months before long. Where's our little baby gone? 

Leighton can roll from front to back. He hasn't mastered rolling from his back on to his front yet, but he tries his hardest. He'll get there soon! He's not crawling yet, but he's absolutely crazy for moving. He wiggles around in your arms trying to get on the move. For tummy time, he shuffles around a good bit too. I think he'll be into everything once he's able to crawl, never mind walk!

Our little dude has been teething for a few months now, but there's no sign of anything popping up just yet. Only the drooling and those red cheeks... poor little sausage. He tries to put everything into his mouth. He handles it extremely well though (Sophie the Giraffe is amazing!).

favourite toys
Leighton loves his Baby Einstein Neighbourhood Friends activity jumper! Sophie is a firm favourite with him too. His play gym is hit & miss, depending on his mood. He has a little material book I bought from Wish/Mama with foil inside it & he loves the sound of it.

* * *

I think that's everything for Leighton's six month update. Overall, he's a dream baby and we couldn't be without him. It's been a crazy, life-changing but absolutely amazing six months. I wouldn't change any of it! Our little boy amazes us every day with his little personality shining through. Bring on the next six months and we'll be celebrating his first birthday! Time needs to slow down...

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