Friday, March 14, 2014

Nails | Essence 'Double Decker Red' & Essence 'Gel-look Topcoat'

Red is one of  my favourite colours for nails, and this colour is perfect. I've needed a new red for ages, and Double Decker Red just jumped out at me when I was shopping. I picked it up, along with the Gel-Look topcoat (below).

I love how they look together, and the topcoat gives a beautiful shine.

I painted my nails the night before I started work (which includes lots of till work and stocking shelves). I was disappointed to see that after my first day of work, some of my nail polish had chipped on my index and middle fingernails, as I had used these most on the till. My others fingernails were still perfect. This time around, I've solved it by applying two topcoats, every other day. It seems to be working out pretty well, which is always great!

I would recommend both polishes, as long as you apply your topcoat every few days to keep your nails perfectly polished.

I think I paid €4.95 for the red polish, and around €2.79 for the gel-look topcoat. These prices are just guesstimates as I can't really remember, sorry!

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