Wednesday, February 27, 2019


So... I've been gone a while... over 6 months, in fact. But I DID have a baby so I think that's allowed. Olivia is 6 months old since Feb 19th, so I thought I would do a quick update on her development...

First of all, here's my gorgeous baby girl...
so I carried her for 9 months, went through a crappy pregnancy of gestational diabetes with insulin injections twice a day, a million trips to the hospital, a horribly induced labour, and she still came out looking like her daddy... damn it, kid.

What is sleep? Seriously, this girl is the polar opposite to her big brother when it comes to bedtime. She catnaps through the day, but night-time is just awful! She loves being all snuggled up and cosy to sleep, so she's still being swaddled. I've tried her in the Grobag a few times, but her arms and legs flail. She's got no idea what to do with them, so usually ends up pulling out her dummy then whinging for it back! I kind of regret not starting her in the Grobag when she was much younger, but I guess every baby is different and her favourite way of sleeping is being wrapped. However, she still wakes multiple times in the night... not always fully, but I hear her on the monitor which obviously wakes me. We've even bought her a Sleepyhead Grand in the hope that it would help... it hasn't made a HUGE different (yet - I'm hoping it still might, given the ginormous price tag!), but it means she's more cosy and 'held in', rather than my tiny baby being in her own room in a big cot all on her own. Some mornings if she wakes stupidly early, I'll take her downstairs and lay on the sofa with her. Of course, she falls straight back to sleep and hardly stirs. That's how well she sleeps being cuddled. A lot of people would probably encourage us to co-sleep because of this, but it's just not something we do.

We are doing baby-led weaning (BLW) with Olivia, and she's absolutely loving it! She's still on formula (Aptamil), but she also loves toast, carrot, mashed potato, avocado, superpuffs, cucumber, small bits of soft cheese, sausage without skin, banana, tomato and yogurt. She's not crazy about scrambled egg, but I'll offer it again, like I did with Leighton. I'm going to try her with porridge really soon too, maybe tomorrow morning for breakfast.

Mainly 3-6 months, but she has a couple of 0-3 months pieces that still fit. Packing away her newborn bits killed me because she's just not a baby anymore! 

No teeth yet, but some nights her cheeks are so red and she's in agony, so I don't think they'll be long coming through. We give her Calpol or Nurofen, but Nurofen seems to work best for her.

She started rolling over when she was a day over 6 months. She did it when she was around 5 months too, but it was just once so I think that one was a fluke. Now if you lay her on her back, she's straight over onto her tummy. Nappy changes are becoming more difficult! As well as rolling, she kind of scooches (is that even a word?!) herself along the floor. And rotates!

favourite toys
She loves the Baby Einstein activity jumper! She's got a Fisher-Price teddy that sings, and she's quite fond of that. She also loves her Lamaze Flapping Fiona! Some of Leighton's tractors. Teething toys are always welcomed, and things that she can grab onto. She loves pulling my hair... does that count?

* * *

Until next time...


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