Sunday, September 25, 2016

Things I Think To Myself During Pregnancy

At some stage or another, I have thought all of these things to myself... why? Because pregnancy. Hormones. All of it.

'I feel like shit'
I've thought this to myself on numerous occasions. Like 5 times a day. Pregnancy is wonderful, don't get me wrong... but feeling like crap is normal apparently. Cramps, tears for no reason, aches all over, the inability to get comfortable enough to sleep for one night. Every little thing winding you up. And don't get me started on the acid reflux. I. CAN'T. EVEN.

'Why isn't he moving? The last time I felt him was like 20 minutes ago'
Don't be surprised when I tell you this... babies sleep! Of course I knew this, but it didn't stop me from panicking when baby stopped moving for a little while. Cold juice or something sweet, and a little bit of gentle prodding always gets my little boy moving. My midwife told me at least 10 movements in 24 hours is good. I tend to get a lot more than that because my son loves punching me, rolling around and kindly reminding me where my ribs are. With his feet or his butt. Babies are mostly asleep when we walk or move around because we're 'rocking' them to sleep. When I rest, though, that's when my little boy decides he wants to play.

'Why is everyone looking at me?'
I've had this a lot. It feels like everyone's staring at you, and you get paranoid that you have something on your face or in your hair. Or that your clothes are on inside out. Maybe they are staring, but a lot of people appreciate a pregnant bump! I haven't figured it out still - most people smile when they see the bump, but a couple of older ladies have looked at me sympathetically or thrown a dirty look my way. GTFO.

'I think I'm gonna vomit'
From 7 or 8 weeks, I was sick for like two weeks. That was as far as my 'getting sick' stage went, so I'm lucky. Laying in bed one minute, feeling nauseous 'nah i got this under control'. Nope you don't, take yourself straight to the bathroom. Dry crackers and ginger biscuits didn't work for me. Although the ginger biscuits did go down well with a cup of tea.

'Get this baby out of me!'
Okay when you hit like 37 weeks, you might start to get tired of being pregnant... nine months is a loooong time. When 38 and 39 weeks hit, you're dying to have your body and control of your bladder and emotions back. The second you hit 40 weeks, it's like 'okay let's get this show on the road'. Everyone will tell you that he'll come when he's ready. It doesn't make it any easier though. That's probably when your baby will decide to stay put until you HAVE to be induced.

'I miss sleeping on my tummy'
Enough said. Sleep with a pillow supporting your bump as you lay on your (preferably left) side.

'I'm so getting this room sorted tomorrow'
You're not. Baby is sapping all of your energy. Maybe it'll all happen in the 'nesting' stage. In fairness though, our house is ready for our little man. The spare room is a mess, but it's okay, we'll get there - no one's staying and it's not used for anything other than a place to store car magazines, home decor, Christmas bits and the computer is set up in there. The nursery is 100% ready, and has been for a while now. Even though he won't be in there for at least six months. Can you tell how impatient/excited/prepared we are? Everything is ready!

'I want to cry. For no reason at all'
Let it out. Let it aaaallllll out. We're hormonal as hell and every little thing upsets us. Can't tie your shoelaces? Cry. Put too much sugar in your coffee? Have a meltdown. Missed a spot when vacuuming? Throw a tantrum, why not. Just cry. Don't get me started on someone saying something genuinely innocent, but your hormones decide that it was malicious, and you feel like you're being picked on. Seriously, the amount of times this has happened. Damn hormones.

'Is this safe to eat/drink?'
I am a huge coffee-drinker (or was before I fell pregnant), and it took me ages to pluck up the courage to even have ONE after reading that it wasn't safe. I did a lot research and spoke to my doctor (who insisted it was fine) but I still only have one per day, max. We've got plenty of coffee (and my cafetiere!) on standby for when I'm home with a newborn! I LOVE my eggs sunny side up. I haven't had any runny eggs this pregnancy because of the risk of salmonella. I've read lots of different articles and opinions on it, and of course, I'm none the wiser because everywhere tells you different. I don't think I could risk it though, but it will be one of the first things I eat when he's here. And wine. And Red Bull. Not all together.

'I hope I don't go off anything'
I remember thinking this to myself. It wasn't long after that, that I went completely off spaghetti bolognese, which was one of my all-time favourite meals. I still can't stomach the thought or the sight of it, but I sometimes (okay, rarely) still make it for my boyfriend because he still loves it. I don't know if I will ever eat it again... Yuuuk!

'I wonder if I'll crave something weird'
I didn't. Near the start, I REALLY wanted McDonald's, so I had some, then felt sick as a dog. I told my boyfriend to never let me have it again. Buuut after a few weeks, I wanted it again. Same thing happened... men, huh? It's all good now though. I rarely have McDonald's but I'm at the stage where I love it as much as I did before. After that, my cravings for all things lemon came and lasted for a few days, twice. Lemon cake, lemonade, lemon mousse... anything lemony. That went, then I had a huge craving for pork scratchings. And I mean huge. It was satisfied when we went out for dinner and I had some. I would totally go for it again right now.

'Nothing fits'
Work with it. I didn't buy into the whole 'maternity clothes' thing, bar a pair of maternity jeggings. I absolutely had to because the hair-tie trick with my normal jeans just didn't cut it. Boots, layers, leggings and long tops are the way to go for me... I can't wait to fit into my old clothes again so I can feel human once more!

* * *

Hopefully my little boy will be here the next time I update my blog... stubborn little dude does not want to come out yet!

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