Monday, May 05, 2014

Meeting Lincoln Younes (aka Casey Braxton!)

WARNING: This is a picture heavy post of a very sexy man.

I'm a huge 'Home and Away' fan, and since Casey Braxton (played by Lincoln Younes) first appeared on our television screens in 2011, he's been one of my biggest-ever crushes. If you know me, you will know I have a little big thing for Australians and their accents.

If you don't know who this sexy Australian is, these photos may just pique your interest in this fine specimen. 
I bet you're interested now, right? 
News spread around my town that Lincoln would be appearing in a nightclub last night, May 4th, as part of his Irish tour. The nightclub is called BED, and who could say 'no' to seeing this beautiful young man in BED? I went with a couple of people, and of course, snapped loads of pictures. 

One of my absolute favourite photos from the night. He honestly has one of the most beautiful smiles I have ever seen.

A few of the above photos were taken right before I went in to the VIP area (where Lincoln was waiting to have pictures taken with people!). Most of them were taken after I came out of the VIP room but couldn't take my eyes off him. Really, can you blame me?


I've never been more excited to meet someone in all my life. Although when I was in the queue, I was fine, but started shaking as soon as I got into the VIP room! It was actually happening. I can feel the excitement again as I type this!! I realise I look like very short, but I'm 5'2 and he is 6'1. I also look overly-excited, and honestly, I couldn't contain my excitement.

Taken by my sister-in-law on her phone. I was straight in, threw my arms around him and kissed him on the cheek and left a small bit of lipstick there, oops. While we were hugging, I told him I loved him and that he was gorgeous (I'm sure he already knows this). He replied (into my ear, oh my god) 'oh, well thank you' in his dreamy accent. Take me back to last night!
A friend gave me a tissue for Lincoln's autograph, as I didn't even think about bringing pen and paper. When I asked Lincoln for an autograph, he asked me if I had a pen. I said no as I had assumed that there would be one in the VIP area, but apparently not! He said to security (again, in his yummy accent, obviously) 'hey, can we get a pen in here?'. A pen was brought in, and as he signed my tissue, I had to steady myself on the counter as I was shaking, haha.
My autograph... complete with kisses! Framing it tonight, heehee.
More hugs and telling him I loved him again... check out my arms around his neck, haha!
My eyes, face and fluffy fringe are actually priceless here! I queued up for a second time to get a selfie with Lincoln on my sister-in-law's phone, but her front camera doesn't have a flash. I had to switch it to the normal camera, so I couldn't see the photo I was about to take. Lincoln had to crouch down (told you he was tall!) to get in the picture with me. A security guy looked at the image on the phone and said it was perfect, so I snapped it. He couldn't take the picture for me, as everyone would have asked him to do it for them too! I thought Lincoln would be just smiling behind me, so I was pleasantly surprised to see he was giving a thumbs up too, haha!

What I loved about going in the second time, was that he remembered me from the first time, even though loads of people had been in after me the first time! He laughed and said 'you again!' and gave me another hug, before laughing again, then smiling and saying 'no more lippy this time!' and smiling again. Ugh, so cute.
My FAVOURITE photo of the night, apart from my face (and one of my favourite pictures ever). The big bear hug he's giving me here was brilliant. Who wouldn't want those strong arms around them all the time?! And he's leaning his chin on my head. His chin. My head. Oh my god.

Definitely one of the best nights of my life... actually, probably the best.
One of my dreams has come true and my obsession with this gorgeous, charming man has grown a little lot more.

You can follow Lincoln on these sites, and don't blame me for your new obsession...

Do you love him yet?

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