Friday, November 22, 2013

30 Day Declutter

Myself and one of my friends, Sarah, spent ages last night trawling through El's blog, A Thrifty Mrs. I LOVE Mrs Thrifty and her posts; she's a genius. Both myself and Sarah have decided to do the '30 Day Declutter'. Basically after 30 days, 90 items must be gone from my house. Sold, donated, gifted, or recycled. Just out of my house.

There are a few 'rules', and they are as follows;
- Regular house rubbish/ doesn't count (e.g. paperwork, food waste, cardboard, glass, etc)
- If you have something to donate, it has to be out of your house by the 30th day of the declutter.
- You can declutter anything from clothes to books, tupperware to makeup, and more.

Starting TOMORROW (November 23rd), I will get rid of 90 items - that's 3 items per day. The declutter will end on December 22nd, and I will have much less clutter in my house just in time for Christmas.. perfect! If you want to join me on this 'challenge', you're welcome to. I'll try to keep you updated and I will definitely do a post at the end of the declutter.

Good luck! (I'll sure as heck need it)

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