Monday, August 29, 2011


I joined Twitter ages ago but only over the past few days, I've really gotten into it. I think it's spiralling into an addiction now! You should totally follow me, but I post A LOT...

I've had a little few "claims to fame" on my Twitter, here's a little list. I need to remind myself of them (and brag a teeny weeny bit!)

  • Duncan Bannatyne (Dragon's Den) followed me  & tweeted me (unfollowed a few weeks later, boo!)
  • Rhiannon Fish (April in Home & Away) followed me
  • Dan Ewing (Heath - mmmm- Home & Away) retweeted me
  • The Official Banker from Deal Or No Deal tweeted me
  • Rosanna Davison (daughter of Chris de Burgh) tweeted me
  • Lindsey Kelk (author of the I Heart.... books) tweeted me
  • Alex Reid (Katie Price's ex) is following me
  • Scott Cornwall (hairdresser dude) is following me
  • Matt Lucas (Little Britain) tweeted me
And a lot of really popular Youtubers have tweeted/are tweeting me :)

See you there!

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