Monday, February 27, 2012

BaByliss Curling Wand (2285U) - REVIEW & pictures

I picked this up just before my birthday, as I had wanted one for AGES! I got it in Boots, while it was on sale for €21.99, instead of €33.99.

Model 2285U

This is what the wand looks like...

You can choose from 4 different heat settings, ranging from 155° to 200°. You simply press the 'I/O' (on) button, then press the + button to go to a higher temperature. If you wish to lower the temperature again, press the - button.

The curler comes with a really handy heat protector glove, which is awesome. You don't burn yourself, and that's always a bonus!

However, the first time I curled my hair with the curler and glove, I got my hair done fine. I took the glove off, then realised I had one little section not curled. I didn't put the glove back on when I curled that section, and typically, I burnt my finger! I think it shows how important and handy the glove is! I even use it now when I straighten my hair.

Before I curl my hair, I section it into small sections (the smaller the section, the tighter the curl. If the section is bigger, the curl will be looser and more wavy.) I'm right-handed so I hold the curler in my right hand and wear the glove on my left hand. Then, I hold the curler behind my head and wrap a section of hair around the curling wand. I hold for around 7 seconds and slowly remove the curler from my hair.

I'm left with beautiful flowing curls!

I curled my extensions to show you how it looks. 

Beautiful, right? Look at the little curl on the right!!

And these are my curled extensions in my hair...

I absolutely adore this hair curler, it's amazing! My hair without extensions is down to my shoulders, and I still find it easy to curl it. My curls last all day, and even the next day, I'm left with beautiful loose waves. I would definitely recommend this curling wand to anybody. I would have paid the full price for it, but the fact that I got it on sale, was even better!


  1. Wow, how beautiful are those curls :)
    I always used to love doing my hair like this but don't seem to have the time or find a wand best to do it, but I think I may have to give this one a go :)

    1. It's seriously amazing hunni, these curls last so long in my hair, and even looks beautiful the next day :D xxx


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