Sunday, July 02, 2017

Review | Real Techniques Core Collection

I have been using my beauty sponge for ages now, & if you use them, you'll know that they tend to come away in little bits, which makes it look gross. Don't even get me started on cleaning them. Ugh. They work brilliantly, but they collect bacteria like nothing else.

It was actually my lovely friend Sarah who mentioned Real Techniques brushes ages ago. By chance, I saw them on sale online (they're even cheaper now, dammit), I ummed & ahhed for all of three seconds before ordering them *slaps wrist*. In my defence though, my beauty blender is gross and I've been using the same €4 ELF brush for a good 5 years now. Beautiful. It was definitely time for an upgrade. Yes, I am aware that this post is to actually review a product, yet here I am telling you my life story (not really though).

Let's just jump right into the review... NOW!

The set consists of a handy case & 4 full-size brushes, claiming to be your 'coverage essentials'. I absolutely love these brushes (well, most of them...) They're so soft, ultra lightweight and the bigger ones can even stand! The case stands too, so it's ideal for popping the brushes in after you have washed them, so they can dry upside down. I'm also a sucker for these handles, the orange colour is so beautiful!

The brushes are as follows, from left to right...
Contour Brush, Pointed Foundation Brush, Detailer Brush, Buffing Brush

Contour Brush
I love this brush for adding some nice definition to my cheekbones. You can use it for highlight too - I haven't done it yet as I have a separate brush just for that. This contour brush is the perfect shape for getting right into the hollows of the cheeks.

Pointed Foundation Brush
I'm undecided on this brush. I mean, when I received the set first, I tried it straightaway for my foundation. It was streaky when applying, but you can keep 'smoothing' it out with the brush & it ends up being a lovely application - it's just time consuming. It can take me a good 5 minutes just for foundation if I use this brush (it's never taken me that long before!) I now use this brush for my under eye concealer & it's perfect!

Detailer Brush
I use this brush for spot concealing & to apply my lipstick. It's just so teeny, which makes it perfect for small areas. I also use it to apply highlight onto my inner corners.

Buffing Brush
BEST BRUSH EVER! I absolutely love this for my liquid foundation. It offers amazing coverage & the soft bristles mean it's perfect for building coverage if needed. I also use it for my powder. Before I do this, I wipe off the excess liquid (which isn't hard as it doesn't absorb loads of product!). I pat on my powder with this to set the liquid foundation & concealer. It's lovely & dense.

* * *

I love this set so much. I got mine for €21.99, it's now on sale on Littlewoods for €17.99. I've seen it being sold for as much as €24.99. Still worth it, & is now big staple in my makeup kit. If you're thinking of buying them, do it. Don't think twice. They're amazing & I can't recommend them enough.

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