Friday, July 28, 2017

Friday Favourites

Every Friday, I'll do a round-up of my 'favourites', so let's kick it off with what I've been loving this week...

Favourite song
This might be a little cringe-y... but remember Daniel Bedingfield? Yeah. I have 'Never Gonna leave Your Side' on repeat. Takes me back to being 14/15 again.

Favourite quote
I think my favourite quote/poem has to be one from r.h.Sin - "she's proof that you can walk through hell and still be an angel". I just love it.

Favourite instagram account
I follow so many 'home' pages on Instagram as we're currently in the process of decorating our house. My favourite account at the moment has to be Mrs Rackley home She's also a blog, which you can find here! I want everything in her home, it's all beautiful & she has such great taste in home decor.

Favourite tv show
I really don't watch much TV at all (I never have done!), but I do like The Sheriffs Are Coming (and similar shows) and One Born Every Minute. That just makes me so broody though! I like Watchdog too.

Favourite snack
Pork scratchings! They're hard to get here in Ireland so when we come across them, we stock up on them.

Favourite purchase
So... remember my Christmas Wishlist? Well, we've got one of the IKEA bedside tables! I love it.

Favourite scent
Deep Night by Ghost... always always always!

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