Saturday, July 22, 2017

Baby Products I'm Glad I Bought

Following on from my previous post Baby Products I Regret Buying, I said I would make a post with a list of things I'm glad I bought. Most of it is some of the usual things you'd get for a baby - maybe not necessities (mummy clip, nightlight etc), but to me, they've been a godsend. I would happily recommend any of them...

Grobags/sleep sacks
Pretty much baby sleeping bags, Grobags are a great alternative to blankets for babies. The clever design (neck hole & arm holes) means your baby can't wriggle down under blankets. Leighton has 4 Grobags, & they're a must-have! Our Grobag came with a nursery thermometer - just a cardboard one that stands up. It's so handy & the back of it tells you how to dress your baby for the certain temperatures. They're brilliant for keeping baby warm & means that as much as they kick, they'll still be kept warm as the bag still covers them. 

Our Finding Nemo bouncer has been a godsend for so long - it's vibrates & Leighton used to love it. He doesn't use the bouncer much now that he's bigger, but we got SO much use out of it. It calmed him down & he took most of his naps in it. I would definitely recommend them, as they're even brilliant for popping baby into while you get some housework done.

Activity jumper
I remember looking at Jumperoos & saying how expensive they were. We looked around & settled on the Baby Einstein Neighbourhood Friends Activity Jumper. Another godsend! Leighton has been using his for 7 months now & he's only now starting to grow out of it... literally - he's getting so tall! It's height adjustable too, but he's almost at the last height setting. There are lots of bright colours, music, some lights & grabby toys to keep your little one entertained whilst you get stuff done. 

Water wipes
Need I say more? So much better for baby skin than normal baby wipes & they clean just as well! I use them for a lot of things because they're so handy. A couple of months ago, we bought a box of 9 packs from Boots & soon enough, we'll need more! 99.9% water and 0.1% grapefruit seed extract.

I've read that some women just use boiling water or the dishwasher for their baby's bottles, then they're good to go... I used to pop mine in the dishwasher, then sterilise them - up until around 6 weeks ago. I felt I was okay to stop using the steriliser, & it's been fine. It put my mind at ease using it, knowing that Leighton's bottles were always sterilised & clean. I even went through a short time where I felt guilty for even thinking of stopping. But I did & my baby is fine.

Goldbug Mummy Clip
I'm not sure this is essentially a 'baby product', but it attaches to the handle of the pram/pushchair. It holds SO much stuff, & can take a lot of weight. Obviously not too much as I would fear the pram would topple over! It's a little life-saver of a gadget & has saved me many a sore arm after shopping in town!

Motorola Video Baby Monitor
I don't know where we'd be without this - not only can we hear Leighton when he's in bed, but we can also see him! When he fusses, we can tell if he genuinely wants us or if he's just getting comfy. We can also see him wriggling around & getting on all fours when he's supposed to be sleeping... cheeky sausage. We can safely keep an eye on him from wherever we are in the house. 

Fetal Doppler
We have this one & I SWEAR by it. It saved me a lot of panic during my pregnancy to know that I could just listen to my baby when I needed to be reassured that everything was okay. Hearing the heartbeat is surreal, such an amazing sound. 

ELC Otis Owl Nightlight
This toy is amazing. Bright light that changes colour with some actually nice music (I'm doing the tunes in my head now... damnit). Leighton loves it at bedtime & for travelling, but the only downside is that there's no volume control. This could prove difficult for some at bedtime, but Leighton's fine with it.

Sky Q
I know... you're probably like 'what the f**k?' but yes. Sky Q. Leighton loves Disney Junior, so we got the kids' channels on there. He also LOVES the Sky Q remote. No joke, you can hold it in front of his face & he will laugh at it - it's the cutest thing. Strange child! I've had to dig out the old Sky remote for him to play with... the giggles are unreal!

* * *

That's my list of things I'm glad I bought. There are of course other things, but these are the main ones & the ones that keep me sane. Overall, I would recommend all of these for first-time mamas!

Do you swear by any of these or have I mentioned things here that you went without? I'd love to hear what other mamas love...

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