Friday, October 18, 2013

Review | Rimmel 'Kate Moss' Lipstick - 113

I already have four lipsticks from the Kate Moss line, and I must say, I love them - reviews: 16, 101107 & 110. I'm a huge nude lipstick lover (I think I have 6), so you can imagine my excitement when I came across this beautiful lipstick on offer in my local pharmacy for just €2.50. I may or may not have squealed "quietly" to myself, even if an old man in the place thought I was possessed by some crazed lipstick-demon. I wanted to call him over and tell him to try the lipstick, but I don't think that would have worked out. He'll never understand. 

113 is a beautiful very light brown nude shade - perfect for teaming with a dark smoky eye, for a sexy, sultry look. It has a beautiful sheen to it, so it's not too glossy or matte. It doesn't make my lips dry out, but this could be because I always apply lip balm about 10 minutes before applying the lipstick. I think that's vital coming up to Winter anyway. The lipstick is quite sheer, so I tried it over 'Pink Blush', from the regular Rimmel makeup line.

The lipstick on it's own (I'm not sure what's up with this picture, it looks really dirty or something. I've tried to upload it THREE times and it's still the same!)

WITH 'Pink Blush' underneath (yay for normal pictures!)

I'm not sure if I'll purchase another one, but if it's still on offer when I'm in the pharmacy again, I'll pick it up. I love plum, berry and rusty-coloured eye looks around this time of year, so I think this lipstick would complement them perfectly.

Definitely recommended, it's such a perfect colour! Well done, Kate! (and Rimmel)

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