Thursday, May 24, 2012

Soap & Glory 'Glad Hair Day' shampoo review

I'm a sucker for Soap & Glory products, and the cute packaging ALWAYS manages to suck me in. Pink and cute. Plus their catchy slogan things make me giggle.

I got this shampoo as part of a huge bag set for Christmas 2010. I only got round to using it properly a few weeks ago and I've used it quite a lot since. It retails at £5.50 from Boots at the moment, and it smells divine, like raspberries!

It's a clear light pink gel, and I find it lathers up so easily and quickly. It made my hair feel really clean, and soft after I washed it out. I followed through with my normal conditioner, and as I blowdried my hair, I could still kind of smell the shampoo. Yum! I'm still using it now, and so far so good. My hair is shiny, easy to manage and it feels clean. The shampoo promises not to cause build-up, and for me, it's kept it's promise! I usually have slightly dry hair. This product hasn't helped, but hasn't made it worse either. However... I'm sure there are cheaper products out there that give the same result, because as much as I like this shampoo, it's not the cheapest out there.

I would recommend this, but I do think it's quite expensive for a shampoo!

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