Sunday, June 09, 2013

What I Ate - Friday!

I love these posts, it's a great insight to peoples' "menus" on a daily basis. I always see meals I want to try, they all look delicious! And let's face it...who doesn't love food?

I'm back to my healthy eating again, I'm tired of doing really well and giving up after a few days or weeks. I need to stick to it this time. I'm trying to make foods that will keep me fuller for longer, so I'll snack less during the day. I hate snacking as it is, but there are so many bad (but yummy) foods out there. It's obviously easier to grab a chocolate bar than prepare a fruit salad, but clearly, the latter is better for you! I have the time to prepare these healthy meals, so that's what I'm doing :)

Breakfast: This was actually inspired by Anna Saccone! Porridge (made with water instead of milk) with a chopped banana, and a bottle of water. This kept me full for hours!

Lunch: I had a late lunch, as the porridge filled me up for a long time. Lunch was a tortilla wrap with reduced fat potato salad, carved peppered turkey breast (yum!) and another bottle of water. I actually had another one of these wraps for dinner because it was so good the first time ;)

Snacks: Linessa raspberry fat-free yogurt, and a cup of tea later in the evening. Tea isn't really a snack though haha

That's what I ate on Friday! I know it might seem like I didn't eat much, but it filled me up for the whole day, so I'm not too bothered. If you do these posts, link yours below, I'd love to see them :)


  1. I'm like you, Im trying to be healthy again. I've been so badly in the last couple of months, so back to it!
    I love porridge, and your right, it fills you up so much.

    Great going, keep at it :)

    1. Thanks you :)
      Ugh I know, it's hard to slip back into old ways.
      We can do this!

      now following you ^.^
      x x x


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