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Haunted House Experiences!

I'm currently reading a book about angels, the afterlife and spirits. Reading it has inspired me to write a post about one of our old houses. A lot of weird things happened during our time in the house, and I feel like reading this book has made me realise that it could have been people that have passed over (loved ones or not) trying to reach us to let us know that they're okay.

A good few years ago, my family lived in a beautiful baby pink house. It was a two-storey house, but both the ceiling and roof were really high, so from the outside, it kind of looked bigger than a two-storey house. 

I know for sure that we have pictures of the house, but the photos are in my mum's house. I found the house on Google maps to show you all. Looking at these pictures makes me want to go back and see the house again, I loved it!

You can't see it very well but I can tell you, it was beautiful (still is, i'm sure!) Behind the house is a concrete open shed kind of area, where we kept turf/coal/logs, etc. You can see that in the picture, not that it has any relevance to the stories, haha!

Anyway, the house. It was often called the 'Old Priest's House', because well, it was old...and three fairly young priests had lived in the house before us, and all of them had died. Two from 'unknown circumstances', and the other...well, you'll read about that. Before the priests, a couple lived'll read about that too. I have shivers already just typing this, I always get them when I think or talk about the house! Loads of freaky things happened in the house, I honestly don't know how we stayed there so long. Probably because we LOVED it. The garden was huge, and to the left of the house (your right as you look at the pictures) was land where we used to play. There was a huge tree with a tree house that my dad had made, a swing on the same tree, and a river at the end of the hill where we would soak our feet on hot days, and play with our two dogs, Suki and Harley. That's why we loved it. Onto our spooky stories about the house now...some of these are my experiences, and the rest were told to me by my parents or brothers who experienced things too.

  • More than once, a few of us would be sitting in the living room watching TV. All of a sudden, a golf ball would fly across the room and hit the wall on the opposite side. We could never find a golf ball in the room.
  • Whilst watching a video, the VCR player would rewind and fast-forward itself, with nobody controlling it. The VCR and videos were fine.
  • Sometimes, ornaments would fall off the mantelpiece, some broke, some didn't.
  • This is not really part of the inside of the house, but 4 of my older brothers used to wait at the bottom of the garden to get the bus to their school. One day, an old man was out walking, and asked them if they had 'seen the fairies yet'. He asked them a few more times on separate occasions.
  • In my bedroom, there was a big fireplace, a good few feet from the end of my bed. A few feet over the fireplace, there was a black hand-print on the wall. Sometimes, it was small, sometimes it was big, and sometimes it was really big! Weirdest thing was, it moved around the wall quite a lot. We never actually saw it move, but it was always in a different place on that wall.
  • I was scared of the dark, so the landing light was always kept on for me. From my bed (more than once) i saw a figure pass my bedroom and go into the bathroom. I called out to see who it was (weird habit i always had), but nobody answered. I realised that the bathroom light was off, and the door was open. I got up to investigate (bravely!)...but there was nobody there.
  • My mum often found her car keys in the fridge drawer after hours looking for them, having left them on the table by the front door.
  • We had a house phone, but we never had it connected, so we could never use it. But...from time to time, it rang. When my parents answered, it would either keep ringing or just stop, but there would be nobody at the other end. One week, it was happening non-stop and kept ringing when they answered, so my parents called out an electrician or somebody to look at it. As they waited a while for it to ring, he seemed to think it was some sort of prank. He laughed it off and said it was impossible, he had never heard of it happening before. Of course, as he said that, the phone rang. My parents nodded at him to answer it. He picked it up, and it kept ringing. Apparently, the colour drained from his face, and he quickly put the phone back and ran, leaving  his lunch behind. As he ran, he shouted to my parents 'you need to get out of here'.
  • At the top of the landing (front of the house) there was a window looking out onto the garden. At the window, there was a fitted bench thing. Sometimes, when we came up the stairs, we would see a young girl sitting on the bench. She would disappear at lightning speed though. (Note, I'm the only female in my family, apart from my mum!)
  • In my parents' room, there was a permanent shadow/outline in the corner of the room, in the shape of a person (hard to describe). Apparently, one of the priests walked to his death, through this wall on the second storey of the house, and that was his shadow.
  • Before my last little brother was born, my great granny used to always say that she would love a grandson named Russell (her surname was Russell), and my parents agreed. She told us she would visit when Russell was six weeks old. However, on March 28th 1998, 3.30am, my little brother was born and my great granny passed away with her daughters by her side. Exactly the same time Russell was born. Same time, same year, same month, same date. To the minute. She never got to meet Russell in person. But, when he was exactly six weeks old, my mum got a visit. In the middle of the night, she awoke to a figure standing in her bedroom doorway. My mum said "shh, you'll wake the baby!". The figure was too tall to be any of the younger children, an too small to be any of the older children (and we were all fast asleep!). The figure walked slowly over to Russell's cot, he stirred a little, and went back to sleep. The figure disappeared. My mum reckons it was my great granny sticking to her word of visiting when Russell was six weeks old!
  • One day, when Russell was still six weeks old, my mum was taking him to meet one of her friends. We were all in school and my dad was at work. My mum strapped Russell into his carseat, then decided he needed a hat. She ran back into the house and up to her bedroom to get one. She had just taken one out of the drawer, and she heard a really loud deep voice shouting 'GET OUT!!'. Needless to say, she ran to the car, drove away and didn't go back to the house until my dad had finished work.
  • Over the kitchen, there was a small bedroom...tiny. It was my brother's room and he loved it because it was his own (covered with Nirvana posters haha). Most nights at 3am, he would hear a noise like a sword or something slicing the air. Then, he'd hear a bouncing noise (like bouncing a football on stairs), then a few doors slamming. At around 3.15am, both myself and my brother would hear digging outside my bedroom window (I was on the second storey, but it was so loud). I never looked out, I was way too scared to even move...yet we still loved the house! After we moved out, we heard about what the noises were supposed to be. Apparently, the couple who lived there had a disagreement, and the husband was sleeping in my brother's bedroom (it was the furthest room from his wife, haha). He killed her, dragged her body up to the room, sliced her head off, bounced it down the stairs, slammed doors and dug a hole to bury her head. OUTSIDE MY BEDROOM WINDOW. Nothing ever looked suspicious on the ground outside my bedroom though. Although I'm kind of glad we never dug too far to investigate...haha
That's all i can think of for now, but i'm sure there's a few more. It was a freaky house, but we loved it so much. We eventually had to move out though because the younger children got so freaked out. A few months later, my mum was talking to the landlord and he said he would have sold the house to us...for €30,000! That's nothing for such a beautiful house! My mum was so annoyed because she really loved it.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my spooky stories. I enjoyed writing them, and looking at them typed out...there's loads! I had goosebumps the whole time I typed, haha. Over time, I've began to understand that some of the experiences are just people coming to say hello, or goodbye, or letting us know they're okay from the other side. However, the hand-prints, loud voice, freaky couple, etc...i can't explain that! Now that I'm very interested in the afterlife, I'd love to spend one more night in the house (not alone!) just to see what happens!

EDIT: I forgot to three priests died in the house, the parish priest wouldn't enter the house, just in case anything happened to him.

Do you have any spooky stories of your own? Let me know, I LOVE spooky stories :)

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