Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Review | Rimmel 'Kate ღ' Lipstick - 110

This wasn't a 'planned' purchase, as such. I just happened to try the tester and love it...and every other colour in the range! Other reviews of lipsticks from the same collection can be found herehere and here. There was €2 off the normal RRP, so instead of €6.95, I paid €4.95. I bought it in my local pharmacy, and they were on a display stand so I'm sure they have them on offer in some other pharmacies too, if you look around.

I'm in love with the packaging, the red tube is just classic!

I picked up number caught my eye and I had to have it!

It's a beautiful red/coral colour, but definitely more red than orange. It's bright, but I love it. Bright lipsticks can be amazing when used correctly! This lipstick is matte, but not too matte. It has a little bit of a sheen so you don't need a gloss, unless you really want one. Here's a swatch of it so you can see for yourself...

After I had tested it on the back of my hand, the pharmacist told me that it's better to test on the tip of the finger because that's closer to your lip colour. I tested it on the tip of my finger too and still loved it, so bought's a good tip though; the back of my hand is so pale in comparison to my lips.

This is the colour on my lips! I recommend using a lip balm a few minutes before applying the lipstick, as it can cling to dry parts, like most lipsticks, but it's not drying. It lasted all day long on my lips, with very minimal touch-ups.

Whilst the lipsticks are still on offer, I'm going to pick up more! I love it, and for the price, it's so worth it! The only thing I'm gutted about is the fact that the lipsticks don't have names, just numbers..but I can overlook that for this amazing lipstick!

Definitely recommend it, and the whole range...which will be mine soon! <3


  1. Where was it that you buy that? or is just a general offer all over Ireland
    I love kate Moss lipsticks they just work and I cant wait to buy a few of new ones!!

    1. I bought it in my local pharmacy, and they were on a display stand so I'm sure they have them in other pharmacies too :) I think I'm getting another one today ;D

    2. Brilliant! do! i have 3 from her other collection and I love them!


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