Thursday, September 27, 2012

Review | Rimmel 'Kate ღ' Lipstick - 101

This is another (not quite) matte lipstick from Kate Moss' lipstick collection for Rimmel. This time, it's number 101, a beautiful light pink rose colour. I've purchased a few other lipsticks from this collection, so you can read those reviews herehere and here!

Again, you should use a lip balm a few minutes before applying the lipstick, as it can cling to dry patches. I really love this lipstick! It's got great colour pay-off and as the other lipsticks are long-lasting, this one will be too.

The colour is so pretty on my lips, I think it would be beautiful with a smoky eye. It's a bargain for the introductory price of €4.95, but I would happily pay the full price of €6.95. I have 4 of the lipsticks in my collection already, yet I've heard it's released in October, heehee. I love the ones I have so far, so I think I may have to complete the collection very soon...

Here's a swatch on the back of my hand. Isn't it so beautiful?

Again, I don't like the fact that the lipsticks don't have names, just numbers. I'm sure I could think up some pretty names for them had I been asked, haha!

I would definitely recommend the lipsticks from this collection; they're creamy, great for the price and the colour pay-off is brilliant!

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