Sunday, August 19, 2012

Review | eBay Beauty Blender

eBay Beauty Blender sponge 

As most of you will know by now, the Beauty Blender is hugely popular amongst the beauty community on Blogger and on YouTube. I wanted to try it for myself, see what all the fuss was about...but there was no way in Hell I was paying €16 for ONE! I looked on eBay and found this one, costing a grand total of... €1.39, from here!

As I don't have the 'original' Beauty Blender, I can't compare, but I can still review it.

From the BeautyBlender website:

"Beautyblender’s patent-pending elliptical shape makes application foolproof by allowing you to access hard-to-reach areas with stunning ease. Its suede texture is sensual to the touch and its unique curves fit the contours of your face, leaving your make up dazzling and undetectable. Beautyblender is latex free, non-allergenic and odor free."

This sponge is shaped a bit differently to the one that the website talks about, but is supposed to do the same thing. You can use it damp or dry, but damp is supposed to be better.

eBay Beauty Blender close-up

This is the sponge in my hand, dry...

For the first use, I wet the sponge slightly...


As you can see, the sponge expanded a little due to the water. Whilst it was still damp, I dotted some of my foundation on my cheeks, forehead, and a dab on my chin. I used the bottom (thickest) part of the sponge to stipple the foundation into my skin, letting the sponge 'bounce' off my face. The tapered shape (top) was perfect for hard-to-reach areas, like the sides of my nose, and around the eye area. Application didn't take long at all. It actually took less time than using a normal foundation brush or stipple brush. 

Overall, I was very happy with the result. I found that my skin looked more flawless than if I use a brush. You can build up your foundation without looking cakey, which is always a plus.

Yup, I'm verrrrrryy pale haha.
I love how nice the sponge makes my foundation look. For the price it is, you really can't go wrong. I've read that they last around 3-4 months until they should be replaced. That should be easy, considering it's cheap as chips...or cheaper haha.

To clean it, I just use baby shampoo and warm water. Simples!

Love. it!

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