Monday, July 30, 2012

Nails | Models Own 'Bubblegum'

I was doing a little retail therapy online the other day, and I came across the most GORGEOUS pink I've ever seen. It's by Models Own, and it's called Bubblegum. It's a beautiful vibrant neon pink, and no matter how many pictures I took, the camera still wouldn't pick up the colours, but the pictures I took are as close as I can get. Trust me when I say, it's amazing!

Even the Models Own website doesn't match exactly, but it's an absolutely gorgeous colour.
It compliments my tan really well, and looks amazing against dark clothing for a pop of colour! 

Two coats of Bubblegum by Models Own

I'm slightly annoyed that the pictures don't match the polish perfectly, but I'm in loooove with it! It's definitely going to be my (rest of) Summer nail colour!

I can't comment on the longevity just yet (I only got it in the post this morning) but from my experience, Models Own polishes are hard wearing and last ages! And as usual, I'm loving the bottle! I find the nail polish packaging sleek and chic, and who doesn't like that?

I bought Bubblegum for €7 from Littlewoodsireland, with free delivery. I'm sure it's around the same price in Boots. If you're in the UK, it's £5 on the Models Own website and in Boots.

Get yours now :)

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