Sunday, July 22, 2012

Dupe of the Day #3: MAC 217 blending brush


I remember the day I bought my MAC 217 blending, was I excited! I think I paid €17 for it, which was steep, but it's MAC so it's to be expected. 
However...I have found a dupe! I bought this brush set on eBay months ago, and I love it. When I paid for it, it was on sale. That meant it was less than €2 (free p&p), so I bought a couple of sets.
I've bought three sets in total, but at the start, I wasn't expecting much from such cheap brushes. But they blew me away; the quality, how they worked...they haven't shed at all, they're not scratchy, and they WORK.


First of all, here is my MAC 217 (writing's totally faded!)...

 Here's the dupe...

And together...

I actually can't believe how great the cheap brush is. It does exactly the same as the MAC 217, but the brush head is slightly bigger, which I think is better. The only 'bad' thing (which isn't even bad), is that the dupe has a smaller handle than the MAC. It's still very easy to control and hold, but some people may prefer the longer handle. It doesn't bother me though. It blends easily and doesn't collect colour at all. PLUS, it doesn't shed! I'm going to buy more sets to build up my brush collection a bit, because I don't have that many brushes. 

The whole (amazing) brush set is a fraction of the cost of one MAC brush. Some people will be happier with the MAC brush (maybe because it's the most expensive) but honestly, I'd choose the cheaper version. It's seriously amazing, I can't even tell you how much I love it.

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