Thursday, January 12, 2017


reading: I bought 'All I Ever Wanted' by Lucy Dillon, but I've only just started it. I bought it before Christmas. *rolls eyes*
writing: this & my 'to-do-around-the-house' list. 
listening to: my Spotify playlist. Zayn, Coldplay, Westlife, Boy Meets Girl... anything & everything!
thinking: of dinner... it's food, of course I'm thinking about it.
smelling: Midnight Jasmine Yankee Candle.
wishing: that my boyfriend was back from work already!
hoping: for a better sleep tonight...
wearing: pjs and the cosiest socks I've ever owned!
loving: cosy nights with the heating, candles burning & a mug of hot chocolate or coffee!
wanting: to sleep. It's 6pm. Hey, babies are exhausting.
needing to: get on with my 'to-do' list
feeling: happy & cosy.
clicking: the keyboard letters.

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