Saturday, March 22, 2014

eBay Makeup Brushes (Face & Eyes)

If you remember this post from last month, you'll know I wanted to buy more of the same brushes. I came across this full set (face and eye) on eBay for less than €10, with free postage. They're almost exactly the same as the eye brushes I've already got, but I've noticed that these new ones are a tiny bit shorter than the other ones, but still as dense and amazing. The face brushes are the best EVER! They're brilliant for buffing and stippling foundation into the skin, and help to give a flawless finish to your face. The bristles are super soft, and as someone with dry skin, I can safely say that these brushes don't irritate my skin like some other brushes do. I use them for liquid foundation, powder, blush, contouring, which I've just started doing everyday! The large tapered top brush makes it so much easier.
I do realise this wasn't a long review, but as I said, they're almost exactly the same as these ones, so I don't see the point in reviewing something the same ;) I just had to show you these amazing brushes and let you know that you can buy them here! I'm so tempted to buy another set, and this will be my last as I have loads now!

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