Saturday, January 12, 2013

New 'Simple' purchases.

I'm a massive fan of Simple products. They're affordable, amazing and they use the purest possible ingredients in their products. I've been using Simple for a few years now, and it's by far the best skincare range I've tried. I suffer from dry skin and psoriasis, and it's safe to say i've tried a lot of skincare brands, from St Ives to Astral to Neutrogena to Nivea. I can honestly say that Simple is the best for my skin, and has made a huge difference to my skin.

I only needed a few bits but I might have got a bit carried away...oops! But what can I say? I'm a girl and I can't help it. Or at least that's my excuse!

I know, I're probably looking at the photo and saying "that is a LOT of cleanser"..and I have to agree, it is a lot. BUT, I cleanse every morning before moisturising, and I use it to take off my make-up every night (i never sleep with make-up on). If I don't wear make-up that day, I still cleanse, tone and moisturise without fail every single night. Even when I'm ridiculously drunk, I do it.

I was in the pharmacy a few days ago, and I picked up a cleanser and eye make-up remover (separately). I was in the pharmacy again yesterday, and well...where there's an offer, I'm there! I picked up a special offer pack, which had a cleanser and moisturiser, for €5. Bargain! Then I came across the toner...for the price it was (around €3.55) I was better off getting the special offer pack for €5, so I did. It came with another cleanser. 

Overall in the couple of days, I spent round €15, which is amazing for what I got. They last for ages, and I'm guessing the cleansers will see me through til at least July, if not longer!

Do you use Simple products?


  1. Ive used simple products in the past when my skin got really sensitive but not its just got a mind of its own (combination) but they have a lovely range and it feels so gentle yet hydrating on your skin. Amazing :)

    Love Emily xx

    1. Glad I'm not the only one that likes them! :)

      <3 xx

  2. I need to try that, my eye area is really sensitive too!


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