Friday, May 04, 2012

Rimmel London nail polish - Celebrity Bash

I fell in love with this colour after painting my cousins nail using hers, so I bought it for myself. I love it, it's so... stylish! It's a beautiful maroon colour with a brilliant shine.

This picture was taken the day I applied the polish (2 coats). It's supposed to last 'up to 10 days'. I didn't apply a topcoat, because I wanted to see how well it held up without one. Two days after this picture was taken, the polish had started to thin out on the tips of my nails. I suppose this is due to everyday things like picking things up, typing, texting. It didn't chip until about day 4 but by then, I was dying to try a new colour I had purchased! I don't work at the moment, so I definitely don't think it would even last 4 days for someone who is working. I should have applied a topcoat... I love the mistake-free applicator, it's not too thin or too thick, just perfect!

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